about Aniko Herbert

About Me

Aniko Herbert aka HANIKO is a contemporary visual artist from Central Europe.
Her installations consists of water-colours, natural forms and paper-objects. The key element that frames the installations is always the wider context that interprets and reinterprets or, in effect, changes their very meaning of the objects featured in them. The main motive and engine of her creative endeavor is the method and act of questioning and inquiring about the world and the nature of reality The ’’big questions’’ She poses are identical to those posed by the general public.
These are questions about ourselves, our lives and the cultural milieu we inhabit. She thinks it is important that we establish a continuity among the things that affect our personal lives and our culture. It is important that once again we use culture to assist us in getting closer to each other and be more grounded, more present in our own lives both on a philosophical or abstract and a realistic or concrete, practical level.