Hidden Garden

Hidden Garden Installation

The assemblage piece in the center of the exhibition, the Zend installation, is the result of the artist’s foraging. The collection is composed of found objects, organic materials, books, photos—memories of lives. Composing compilations like this is very typical of Herbert, given that in addition to her works the cherished ’’found objects’’ can also be neatly juxtaposed within the scheme of a collection.

Aniko Herbert aka Haniko
Zend installation
Natural shapes, plastic, glass, minerals on a white table top
15x20 cm, 22x15 cm, 30x13 cm, 2018
photos: Krisztián Bokor


Another site-specific piece named Identity can be likened to some of Joseph Beuys earlier works. What connects their art is not only the thematic foregrounding of nature but the fact that the protection of the natural environment is very important for both of them as is the preservation of collections made up of natural objects.

Aniko Herbert aka Haniko
Identity // identitás –J.B I.-II.-III.
mixed technique in different sizes, on a 70×100 cm white table top
photos: Krisztián Bokor


The installations named Roots I., II. and III. set in plastic display cases wrapped in snow-white rice paper are composed of found, organic objects. The practice of repurposing and exhibiting natural elements that are considered rubbish to be disposed of by others links Herbert’s pieces with the spirit of the readymade in Dadaism.

Aniko Herbert aka Haniko
Roots I.-II.-III. // Gyökerek I.-II.-III.series,
15 cm×23 cm,23 cm, plastic box, wood, paper, on flower stand
23 cm × 23 cm × 21 cm, plastic box, wood, paper, on flower stands
photos: Kati Edőcs

Text: Dorottya Urai
Translated: Márk Kaposvári
Exhibition catalogue:https://issuu.com/anikoherbert/docs/haniko_cataloge_issue