Little Work

The human tickers on display which show their exquisite insides via the use of various techniques metaphorically open themselves; sometimes singularly and sometimes coupled in pairs. One could say that Herbert Aniko presents her own cardiac landscapes, however her pictures and installations --even if based on purely emotional themes-- express an artistic attitude in less of a confessional and more of conceptual vein. Our artist, in effect, engages in a dialogue with contemporary literature, recycling, as it were, its intellectual products. Albeit evoking the category of the found object may feel a bit commonplace nowadays this is what seems to be reformulated in the quite original and peculiar junction between literature and the fine arts one encounters here.

As Herbert defined it regarding her works this notion pivots around six phrases: ’’washing it down’’, ’’hauling it away’’, ’’taking it off’’, ’’leaving it’’, ’’forgetting it’’, ’’loving it’’. In all, these are fragile and painful but remedial heart renditions, in the feminine mode, presented at the scale of the fallibly human. The boldness and frailty is well demonstrated in the gesture of relegating delicate micro-objects onto the floor.