Moonlightlid Installation

The Moon and its light accompany our lives with two faces. One of its faces is austere, measureable with numbers, and rational. It takes 1,255 seconds for light to span the 384,400 kilometres between Earth and the Moon. Space probes are mapping and exploring the Moon's crates, composition, and motion. Its other face is more lyrical: shrouding the trysts of lovers, an inspiration for poetry for millennia.

Visual artist Anikó Herbert's project, the "Moonlightlid", emerges from and merges these two aspects of the Moon for the appreciative observer. Herbert's collaborator Emese Tóth, a statistician, also looked at the texts of the Octogon Architecture and Design magazine. Specifically, at the architectonic effect and the positive and negative added values (obscuring, simple, dull, organic, the dissolution of inside and outside, the absence and lack of intimacy, etc.) associated with the most frequently used technical terms in architecture (beam, atrium, concrete, glass, stairs, etc.). The short poems of Emese Tóth derive from this rational and rule-based realm, creatively interacting, synergizing with Herbert's paper collages.

In the Walter Rózsi-villa's Winter garden Anikó Herbert's installation foregrounds the delicate nature of moonlight as well as the solid, stable nature of architectural elements-like the roof-through three exciting media. The characteristically graceful paper based collages that faithfully express frame of mind and mood are complemented by a large size blue textile installation and Emese Tóth's poems forged in the crucible of architecture and verse.