Nubes Installation

Visual artist Herbert Anikó // Haniko's upcoming 'flash-exhibition' is meant not only for the visitors of the Budapest Cultural Center but indeed anyone walking past the building might feel addressed by it.

At the "Nubes" exhibition the constant and yet continually changing natural phenomena are in the focus-the Sun, the Moon, the stars, and of course the clouds-all of which for Herbert are not mere objects in one's experience but more like tools for contemplation. Distant gates, as it were, which even from many miles and light years away lead us back into our inner realms.

Nubes, in other words cloud. At this exhibition we move away from the expressions typically used in the technical literature: we don't interpret things in terms of water droplets or the proper concentration of ice crystals but rather we look for the intangible, the continually changing, the never-self-identical. These evanescent natural formations that always show a different face some kilometers above our heads are brought down for us and offered as an invitation to contemplative practice. Through her pictures the creator wishes to remind us of an activity that we were all too familiar as children, namely: watching the clouds-solely for the simple joy of watching them. The task is easy, or is it?