A forest in which I ramble II Pando -the breath of a trembling poplar

Mixed media II installation, video and music by Váczi Eszter & Gátos Iván
~155×71 cm II 2015-2016

Conceptually these works spring from specific social issues and problems which get translated or transmuted into symbolically charged more abstract ideas. With the title piece ''Pando,'' for instance—composed of two white pieces of stone and a grey surface area set on the ground (conjuring up the image of a zen garden) and a wooden shelf mounted on the wall that up-holds a 'forest' of trees made of theatrical leaflets with a video animation projected behind them onto the wall—Haniko transports us to the Pando forest in Utah state, evoking the symbiotic relationship between the poplars living there.
Sharing a common root system the trees breathe together and shed their leaves together and regenerate in synchrony. Haniko draws parallels: the individual trees of the forest relate to and impact each other the same way as humans (are supposed to by) living in communities.

Article: Katica Kocsis
Translated: Márk Kaposvári