Between Forest and Sea

There are stories between the past and the future in a space that cannot be seen, just as the Livonian language, which uttered these sentences, has been forgotten. Photos from the past, pictures of paper, sea, fishermen, women, and everyday life appear in small-sized works, which are interwined with blue thread. The Hungarian and Livonian language also appear in the pictures. I'm like an observer standing on the beach and telling the story of what is happening in these pictures between forest and sea. In the present, we are silent about all that is important, instead we are talking about what is floating on the surface, we like to talk about the weather, food and sports, for example. When we begin to grow old, we suspect or, rather we acknowledge, that the time will come in our lives when it is too late to say anything. These time-stopping "postcards" show our dreams. Our dreams sometimes only mean the illusion or the evidence of escaping. We don't dare to accept the world, we don't dare to take on the world, or in it, ourselves.

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